Art Nouveau

International Mosaic Exhibition 2010



Elspeth Holmes

After a holiday in Barcelona, I returned home determined to learn more about mosaics, as they feature so much in the fabric of the city.

While looking through a Decorative Art book on Art Nouveau, I noticed that flowers appear many times in work of that period, and as I work with flowers in my business, it seemed a good idea to include some in my mosaic.



Maxine Hough

My daughters name "Erin" was an obvious choice of design; as like Art Nouveau she fills my life with colour, beauty, love and flowers.


Art Nouveau Table

Debbie Howard

A contemporary gaming/cafe table with a modern take on the floral and plant-inspired motifs popular during the Art Nouveau period. Set in a rich maroon background, a prominent colour in designs of the time. Wrought iron, stained glass and ceramic tile. Handcrafted in Oxfordshire. The table is weatherproof with occasional upkeep of the paintwork.

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