Art Nouveau

International Mosaic Exhibition 2010



Lorraine Cave

For me, the exhibition theme conjured up Art Nouveau in its most graphic form and in particular the posters of Mario Borgoni, a member of the Italian Liberty Movement.  I was inspired by his use of a cursive frame, as seen in his design for the Birra Milano beer poster.  The subject matter for my mosaic was influenced by the painting Circe Invidiosa, by John William Waterhouse which led me to design my own advertisement for Saxa Salt – The Mermaid’s Choice.  Mother of pearl buttons and tiny seed beads made perfect fish scales and falling salt grains.

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The Blue Moon

Elena Cole

The design was inspired by the memories of my childhood. My mother's great aunt, who lived with us had many lovely pieces of jewellry and pottery  and furniture of the 1920s. Sadly, when she  died, all that was thrown away by my parents, as all that was considered too old-fashioned! Mind you at the time I wasn' too bothered as it was my job
to dust it all and "be very careful"



Jacky Cox

I am inspired by the dramatic imagery and architecture of Ancient Egypt. Nefatari combines this boldness with the sweeping curves and grace of the Art Nouveau movement

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