Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Happy Poppy Days - SOLD

I enjoy the poppies in my garden during the summer months and wanted to recreate that vision for the rest of the year.

Contact Details : c/o Opus Mosaic

Jane Baker


Artist Statement - Kyoto Kimono

The Sakura Season – cherry blossom time – is considered by many Japanese to be a metaphor for life itself, a period to reflect on achievements and think ahead to the future; it symbolises the transience of life and is an annual reminder that time is precious, reminding us to enjoy the ephemeral quality of nature while we can. I was inspired by this philosophy to create a design for a kimono that would represent the Japanese custom of Hanami – cherry blossom viewing – incorporating the theme of birdsong. I selected my favourite materials: gold smalti, recycled ceramics, unglazed porcelain, millefiori, stained and tempered glass over vintage sheet music.

Contact Details : lorrainecave@yahoo.com

Lorraine Cave


Artist Statement - Twitter

Hooray it's Spring! This is a cluster of birds noisily chattering away to each other in the branches of a blossoming tree. I have happy memories of loud birdsong keeping me awake in the evenings as a child. Old plates from my childhood were used to remind me of these times. The rather silly crazy birds are supposed to reflect the extravagance of life & the joy of Spring.

Contact Details : adandali@gmail.com

Alison Chisholm


Artist Statement - Wake Up Bird

The song of the blackbird is the inspiration for this mosaic; it’s joyous liquid call wakes us up to the present moment. The light blue glass tesserae were chosen as the colour most reminiscent of spring skies. The tiles have been laid in a concentric pattern around the blackbird’s beak to convey the waves of sound spreading outwards and filling the sky. The focusing circle around the bird is made of dark blue unglazed ceramic tiles and broken Chinese pottery. This, along with the circular coursing and the treatment of the blossom is intended to give an oriental feel to the mosaic.

Contact Details : kareencollie@yahoo.com

Kareen Collie


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