Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Love Birds

I wanted to capture the silhouette of two birds, against the moon at dusk.

I used glass tiles, beads and pieces of unwanted jewellery for this mosaic. The grout is coloured with a slight tint of purple to enhance the colour of the tiles and add to the overall dusky feeling of the piece.

Contact Details : sarah_corns@hotmail.com

Sarah Corns


Artist Statement - Bird on a Branch

My inspiration for Bird came from the Finnish artist Sanna Annukka. I love the simplicity and clean, sculptured lines of the design which work so well with mosaic and the contrast between the retro shiny pink mirror tiles and the naturalness of the wood branch which was found by the River Exe following the recent flood.

Contact Details : c/o Opus Mosaic

Jacky Cox


Artist Statement - Vent De Fleurs

Le printemps est là quand on découvre, émerveillé, les graciles petites merveilles que la nature nous offre.
Exubérance, multitude, légéreté et…mouvement.

Spring is here when we discover, amazed again, small slight marvels nature offers us.

Exuberance, multitude, lightness and… movement.

Contact Details : sylvie.foisel@gmail.com

Sylvie Foisel - Guigues


Artist Statement - April in Holland

In opposition to the winter neutral colors, I tried to illustrate spring with the rich palette of colors of the flower fields. In the nature, spring is the season of revival and for us spring is also the season of love. As tulips are the flowers representing love, I chose the famous blooming tulips fields of Holland to express the spring emotion. To fully feel this emotion you have to imagine the birdsongs and the caress of fresh air on your skin.

Contact Details : babeth.foucher@wanadoo.fr

Elisabeth Foucher


Artist Statement - Song Thrush with Apple Blossom

Robert Browning identified the bird's song: “That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over.” The song can be heard in almost any month of the year. The repetition of each louse, clear phrase – often more than twice – prevents confusion with either the mistle thrush or the blackbird.

A familiar and popular garden songbird whose numbers are declining seriously, especially on farmland making it a Red List species. It likes to eat snails which it breaks into by smashing them against a stone with a flick of the head.

Contact Details : c/o Opus Mosaic

Jenny Foxworthy


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