Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Singing in the Rainforest

When planning a design for this year's theme, I was drawn to the idea of using the exotic setting of the rainforest because the darkness of a rainforest provides abundant opportunities to explore chiaroscuro effects.  I chose to incorporate as many techniques and materials as I could in order to evoke the complexity of the rainforest.  Thus, the fused glass elements include full-fused elements (for example, the palm leaves and the branches), tack-fused elements providing some textural effects (the leaves in the upper left, the orchids and the hibiscus), and some moulded elements for a dimensional effect (leaves in the lower right and on the frame and many of the raindrops). The materials used were also quite varied: glass, dichroic glass, millifiore, Zanfirico cane, frit, stringers, Italian smalti and Mexican Smalti.  

Contact Details : mjginuk@yahoo.com

Judy Geisser


Artist Statement - Girl with a Harp

The girl with the flowers in her hair plays her harp beautifully and the birds come to sing! I really like the Art Nouveau style and thought that Bird Song and Blossom is an ideal subject to indulge my passion. I found a piece by Alphonse Mucha which seemed to depict the subject perfectly and this is my tribute.

I have used opaque stained glass and some millefiori for the flowers on the dress. The blue and white bird is a wooden piece which was attached to a greetings card I was given! I have stuck on a mouth and some eyes cut out from a magazine. I hope you appreciate the humour!

Contact Details : alexglendinning@lineone.net

Alex Glendinning


Artist Statement - Birds of a feather .........

...... flock together. A bright and quirky mosaic depicting how birds of the same species stick together. Made from vitreous glass, glazed ceramic tiles and millefiori.

Contact Details : katy.lewis@btinternet.com

Katy Harrison


Artist Statement - Blue Birds

This mosaic is inspired by oriental lacquer work. To reflect this I have restricted the background to a dense black glass and used a crazy paving technique to minimize movement in the texture. The blossom has been stylised using repeat circles and a very limited palette so that it stands out clearly and is in harmony with the blue of the birds. I have applied silver leaf to the underside of the transparent glass on the birds and a silver chain to give them an exotic and opulent look.

Contact Details : alison@nedof2h.net

Alison Hepburn


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