Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Birdsong lost in and amongst the blossom

We see the blossom and are amazed by its beauty but we do not hear the birdsong that accompanies it; when we focus on the birdsong, the beauty of the blossom is lost.

My mosaic and frame is a stylized design which combines this beauty overlaid on a musical stave, incorporating the hidden notes of the birdsong.

It is produced using the direct method in opus palladianum (crazy paving) with household ceramic tiles. This is my preferred medium as it allows the use of random shape and size tesserae which is often limited by other materials. enjoy what i am doing and will be taking it further.

Contact Details : paul.lebbern@btinternet.com

Paul Lebbern - Best in Show


Artist Statement - The Happy Songster

This whimsical piece was inspired by the bold little birds that sit on the bright pink blossoming bougainvillea bushes, that are right outside of my louvred bedroom windows, and wake me up with a hearty and rousing serenade.
The mixed media piece is created with polymer clay, stained glass, vitreous glass, ball chain, glass globules and discarded jewelry. The contrasting background of jade vitreous glass ensures that the little pink songster and the vibrant flower blossoms receive maximum attention.

Contact Details : deborah_643@hotmail.com

Debs McLaughlin


Artist Statement - Lark Ascending

Growing up surrounded by countryside in South East Cornwall, the song of the skylark rang free and for me, heralded the beginning of Spring.  It was years later that I discovered Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending. Every time I hear it, I am transported back to sunny spring days & blossom on the trees.  This is what inspired my piece.

Contact Details : c/o Opus Mosaic

Claire Morrison


Artist Statement - Early Blackbird

From a very young age I collect found objects: bottle caps, shards, beach glass, everything that has a touch of beauty or usefulness. Other people’s trash is my treasure. No wonder charity shops feel like a Land of Plenty. I do frequent treasure hunts there and, like a beach comber, never know what I’ll find next. Sometimes the loot dictates the art I create with it.

After doing a leaded glass and copper foil method workshop I started creating lamp shades with beach glass and other beach finds. From there the next step was making glass fusions to incorporate into my work, followed by making the fused art pieces shown at the Bird Song and Blossom exhibition. My art hopefully oozes the fun I have creating it.love the indivdual characters in these South African Jackass Penguins. The humour and personality of each one is obvious and intensified by their simple monochrome costume

Contact Details : elsbethmorselt@hotmail.com

Elsbeth Morselt


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