Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Hide & Seek

My inspiration for this mosaic came early one morning as I was peering through the camouflage of leaves and blossom to the tops of nearby trees searching for that elusive songbird that I could hear joyfully singing.

To welcome in the morning sunrise

Made with vintage china and stained glass

Contact Details : angela4nash@btinternet.com

Angela Nash


Artist Statement - Chicklet

This mosaic sculpture is great for both gardens and indoors. I tried to capture the vulnerability of a new born bird ... naive and innocent, slightly disheveled and needing protection of a mama bird.

Contact Details : glitteringshards@gmail.com

Concetta Perot


Artist Statement - Unfinished Symphony

“Unfinished Symphony” was hidden deep in an old sketchbook for a couple of years. I had been working on a concept for a series of mosaics that had to be made in the correct order and so when the time was right I made this one in the autumn last year.

The inspiration came from crows lining up on the telegraph wires, and gradually flying off from one end. I had already named that first sketch “Unfinished Symphony”, but when I came to make it I chose to use a couple of bars from the chorus of Schubert's score “Unfinished Symphony”, within the line up of the birds.

It is my favourite part of the Symphony because it is very exciting and uplifting and creates the feeling that something quite spectacular is going to happen. That feeling fitted perfectly with what I was trying to achieve in the mosaic.

Contact Details : kate@rattraymosaics.co.uk

Kate Rattray


Artist Statement - The Parrot

I thought that a parrot would be a little more exotic than a garden bird and tried to source somr bright colours for his plumage to make him colourful and cheeky. When thinking of names Percy Parrot seemed to suit him, so thats is who he is.

Contact Details : c/o Opus Mosaic

Margaret Pyle


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