Birdsong & Blossom

International Mosaic Exhibition 2013


Artist Statement - Blue Wren

This Australian blue wren was inspired by a tiny ceramic ornament sent as a gift from a very special cousin on the other side of the world. 

It will always remind me of her.

Contact Details : nicky.2dor@ntlworld.com

Nicky Tudor


Artist Statement - Blackbird

When I first heard about this year's exhibition theme, 'Bird Song and Blossom' I thought of three things: movement, colour and sound.  For the first, I chose to do a seagull flying in the air, for the second a blackbird singing its heart out (but a colourful version) and finally I thought of a musical box, which would sound like birds singing.  I managed to create two out of three, with the third unfortunately sounding more like an ice-cream van!  

But the thought was there!'

Contact Details : janetventre@sky.com

Janet Ventre


Artist Statement - Humming Bird

I am captivated by the ever changing brilliant and scintillating colour as these breathtakingly beautiful birds weave and dart about the forest. There is an element of magic I have tried to capture and recreate.

Contact Details : janandrachel@hotmail.co.uk

Jan Waddington


Artist Statement - Red Red Robin

The robin is surely one of the UK's most popular and festive birds with its striking bright red breast it is familiar thoughout the year, but is especially associated with the chilly winter months. Robins sing all year round, but at chrismas time their song becomes stronger and more passionate.

My robin sits cheerily amongst the Hellebore blossom known as christmas rose and the scarlet berries of the Holly bush.I have created my robin red breast in glass beads, millefiori and found objects.

Contact Details : janandrachel@hotmail.co.uk

Rachel Waddington


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