International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Fiona Austin

Artist Statement - Tide & Time

When Julie gave me the theme of this years exhibition,my mind immediately thought of the expression  "Time and tide waits for no man..." I thought of the continuum of life.

The rising sun, the pull of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides and the changing seasons. The presence of Mankind is but dust in the wind, in the great scheme of things. Mother Nature holds all the cards!

I wanted to show this passing of time by the footprints in the sand, visible for only a short time, then washed away by the tide

Contact Details : fiona.creativejunkie@gmail.com

Jane Baker

Artist Statement - Sailing By

When the theme ebb & flow was first announced as the title for this years exhibition, my immediate thought was the sea. So working with this I chose the globes to mosaic as they represented the worlds spinning round. The sailboats need the power of the wind to drive them on while the fishes drift with currents.

Contact Details : c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Lorraine Cave

Artist Statement - High Tide in the Carrick Roads

Living in Cornwall I’m surrounded by the ocean and I was inspired by the tidal creeks of the Carrick Roads that reach inland from Falmouth. 

I wanted to recreate the configuration of the River Fal as a mosaic map. Using a tide timetable I made a collage of the waterway which I painted before covering in tempered glass, giving the effect of a reflective, watery surface.

 Winckelmans porcelain and stained glass were perfect materials for capturing the patchwork of fields and seed beads for representing the woodlands.  It’s my mosaic version of a bird’s-eye view! 

Contact Details : lorrainecave@yahoo.com

Kareen Collie

Artist Statement - Sea Within

This design is based on the ebb and flow pattern seen inside an oyster shell  found on the Yorkshire coast in December . The curving lines seemed to reflect the movement of the waves as they were breaking on the shore. This reminded me of the way that in nature the smaller parts often mirror the whole.

Contact Details : kareencollie@yahoo.com


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