International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Rachel Cooke

Artist Statement - Cove

Found objects and combinations of colour and texture motivate me to create new work inspired by the natural landscape. I use handmade ceramic elements alongside other materials chosen for their surface quality, shape or hue such as wood, metal, slate and stone
I am usually drawn to a tall slim format evocative of a 'slice' of the landscape as though glimpsed through a viewfinder, combining imagery suggesting unseen layers beneath the surface and the natural and manmade landscape above.
I return to a common theme of land meeting sea in this piece I have called ‘Cove’.

Contact Details : www.rachelcooke.co.uk


Sylvie Foisel

Artist Statement - The Colours of Life ' Les Couleurs D'Vie'

The labyrinth of Chartres (France), huge stony mosaic is spread for the 12th century on the ground of the cathedral.
The labyrinth as a road of life with multiple colors and atmospheres and also a tribute to the designers and to the builders of the Middle Ages.

“There is time for everything, and every thing under the sky has its hour:
Time to be born and time to die,
Time to kill, time to cure,
Time to plant, time to destroy,
Time to build, time to extract,
Time to moan, time to dance,
Time to cry, time to laugh.

Time of assember blocks, time to scatter them,
Time to like the kisses and time to curse them,
Time to pursue a dream or to refrain itself from it,
Time to like an object, time to push it away.

Time when we sew, time when we tear,
Time when we speak, time when we keep silent,
Time when we hate, time when we sigh,
Time of the war, time of the peace.”

Contact Details : sylvie.foisel@gmail.com


Jenny Foxworthy

Artist Statement - Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus)

I chose the mackerel as it is a stunningly beautiful fish, designed for speed and distance with their streamlined torpedo profile.  They live in shoals and roam the seas searching for food.  Being tireless hunters, they feed on anything from ragworms to sprats, sand eels, and plankton, from deep on the seabed to the surface.

Contact Details : c/o opusmosaic


Pam Fuller

Artist Statement - Love's Labour's Lost

My inspiration came while visiting a tourist railway station gift shop and found a stand full of Vintage and Art Deco postcards. In true Art Deco form, I choose bold colours while incorporating a reference to an up and coming event; Olympics 2012.

For the water and its effortless movement I used marbled glasses together with a striking yellow glass for the sand. For the static bodies of the drivers I used a mixture of plain and warm gold tiles.

The surround is a representation of the gold and silver medals Great Britain will win.

Contact details: pam@pamosaic.co.uk


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