International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Kathy Galbraith

Artist Statement - The Wave

Following the theme of ‘Ebb and Flow’ I wanted to explore the use of different recycled materials, developing a patchwork of textures and colours over a 3D structure.  Hence, my wave was created.  In true patchwork style, this piece incorporates pieces of significance for me, many discarded dishes which to me have a history: ceramics by my sister-in-law; rejects by a few local potters, items from my kitchen cupboard which were perfect for this project to name but a few.  And in continuing the nautical theme, there is the ceramic equivalent of ‘flotsam and jetsam’ with other people’s rubbish!

Contact Details : www.katygalbraith.co.uk


Jody Giesser

Artist Statement - Now you see it

To me, the theme “Ebb and Flow” evokes contrasts. Therefore, I tried to incorporate as many contrasts as I could into the imagery and materials: night and day, wildlife and geology, shore and sea, smalti and millifiore. I chose a split-view picture to interpret another aspect of Ebb and Flow – how two images can merge and recede via a simple shift of perspective.

Contact Details : www.mosaicness.com


Alex Glendining

Artist Statement - Black Headed Gull

I was inspired to make this mosaic after seeing a gull perched on top of a tree stump sticking out of the sea as the tide went out. On the day the sea and sky were very grey but I made the mosaic in the colours I would have liked to have seen them!

I used metallic glass tiles for the tree stumps and green and blue stained glass for the sea and sky.

I am inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt and like to use metallic tiles where ever possible to pay tribute to his style. I thought I could achieve this by using metallic tiles for the tree stumps and slightly transparent jewel coloured glass for the background. The gull is made from opaque grey, black and white glass with small pieces of red for the bill and feet.

Contact Details : alexglendinning@lineone.net


Anna Grayson

Artist Statement - Shanghi Riverfish

Made of recycled materials. I think he probably does illustrate the ebb and flow of water and of the life cycle of such fish.

Contact Details : anna@annagrayson.com



Katy Harrison

Artist Statement - Breaking News

This piece made from a collage of newspaper cuttings and glass is intended to represent the ebb and flow of news and the intensity at which it is reported. The centre of the piece represents todays news from which increasingly sized concentric circles radiate to show how those headlines gradually fade away as interest wanes and other more reportable events occur.

Contact details: katy.lewis@btinternet.com


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