International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Becca Harris

Artist Statement - On the Shore

This piece shows an oyster catcher darting on the shoreline missing the waves as they wash against the sand. I took inspiration for this piece from Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve after watching the birds many times. I have captured the sea within the markings of the birdto show the ebb and flow of life in this eco-system.  

Contact Details : beccaharris@hotmail.co.uk


Karine Heinrich

Artist Statement - The Seventh Wave

The seventh wave  represents the most powerful wave also known as  The wave of surfers. 

I try to describe the charm of this myth and to capture the beauty of this phenomenon which has inspired artists as singers and painters.

My mosaic work is made of pieces of glass, nacre and foam structuring. The cutting of tesseraes reinforces the dynamic movement. The wind power is the source of these waves. Sting's song “Love is the seventh wave” inspires me “Ebb and Flow” of passion love which is sometimes stormy or quiet.

Contact Details : karine.heinrich@laposte.net


Angela Ibbs - Best in Show

Artist Statement - Flow

I See the fish schooling in the waters' depths, in unity, for survival is their pursuit. Inspired by primitive folk art, this hand cut mosaic wall piece has been created using vintage ceramics, unglazed and glazed ceramic tiles.

Contact Details : www.angelaibbsdesigns.co.uk


Carolyn King

Artist Statement - Ichthyosaur

The Ebb and Flow of life is linked to changes within our planet from its infancy through maturity, to its inevitable end; a procedure which we are all reluctant to accept. The Ichthyosaur of the Jurassic period were more successful than most, but they evolved, adapted then vanished in their original form.

The earth once created changed rapidly, these changes slowing down as it cooled and the changes became less dramatic……Traces of these changes are a reminder of the fragility of our planet and remain hidden in the bones and dna of our own being and this same earth we cover with more and more superfluous layers created from our belief that we are the final step in evolution, begs us to look into the past and reflect. The Mirrored Ichthyosaur here on Lyme Beach was made at the request of the Lyme Regis Museum. And has provided a thought provoking modern artefact of the living past. ‘A modern fossil’ in which we can see ourselves.

Contact details: p.clayton877@btinternet.com


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