International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Rosie Laker

Artist Statement - Ebb & Flow

Coming and Going..... Forwards and Backwards ........ Right and Left ..... Ebb and Flow were born

Contact Details : rosielaker@hotmail.co.uk


Pascal Levaillant

Artist Statement - During Ebb

Ebb tide between Sotteville sur Mer and Saint Aubin sur mer - on the Côte d'Albâtre [the Alabaster Coast] – Seine-Maritime – Haute-Normandie, region in northern France - Mosaic - © Levaillant 2012

Rock bench seen from the top of the cliffs.

On the Haute-Normandie littoral, rock bench is the chalky bedrock remaining after the retreat of chalk cliffs. Continually covered during flow and left exposed during ebb by tides, it provides a habitat for a particular flora and fauna. The rock bench incline has an influence on how heavy swell is and how big flint shingle beaches are.

Contact Details : pascal.levaillant@sfr.fr


Paul Lebbern

Artist Statement - The Golden Coast

Made out of household ceramic tiles using the opus palladianium(crazy paving) and opus tessellatum style, this mosaic is the second of a proposed four piece single colour collection. It represents the changing stages of the ebb and flow of a tide and its effect on sand. It also symbolises the cycle of life by using four segregated sections which imply transitions between stages in a lifetime: youth being fresh, free sand; adulthood being bound sand; a mid-life crisis being the uncertainties of waves and old age being the ripples that appear on the surface.

Contact Details : paul.lebbern@tiscali.co.uk


Gay Middleton

Artist Statement - Sucus Oritur, Sucus Cadit

I have been involved with mosaic for the past two decades. My preference is to work with large stone tile, that I cut and grind myself, to create the design being worked on. Glass and metals are also part of my portfolio of materials. My work is both functional, and decorative, with commissions for both interior and exterior placing

Contact details: j.h.middleton@btinternet.com


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