International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Angela Nash - Public Vote Winner

Artist Statement - Seasonal Delights

I create mosaics in the garden shed which overlooks beautiful countryside so experience the ebb and flow of the seasons very keenly

I fused glass off cuts for lush spring growth mimicking natures amazing ability to come alive each spring after the slumbers of winter

Summer is punctuated with the arrival of the swallow soaring high among flowers made with recycled china flowing gently into autumn and winteroming and Going..... Forwards and Backwards ........ Right and Left ..... Ebb and Flow were born

Contact Details : angela4nash@btinternet.com


Concetta Perot

Artist Statement - Bird in a Grey Sky

Ebb, flow, tides...and the call of sea birds. This piece is the image of a bird on a grey day at beach - elegant, sleek, swooping, catching the light and transforming greys into a dance of shadows and light. A mix of vitreous tiles, irridescent tiles, glass, crystal beads, porcelain and stone.  I started making this piece during the grey days of January and they have given me a new appreciation of the beauty of shades of this colour!

Contact Details : glitteringshards@gmail.com


Nicole Provost

Artist Statement - Waterfall

" NORMANDY 'CLIFFS have in Spring'rains many little rivers,
When they reach on the extremity IT'S THE SEA!
What a beautiful MEETING!...
and it's the birth of a "WATERFULL" (cascade in French).
with the height she downs and is the meeting with sand and sea'waves.
A wonderful appointement". and a long road together!
I have translate those with marble (strenght) ,light (glass) and smalt.

Contact Details : nic.petunia1@orange.fr


Michael Pullen

Artist Statement - Seahorse

Thinking about Ebb and flow made me think of things that should not be in the water at all, I know the sea horse should be there, then i decided to add things that should not be there. and have ended up with a mosaic that makes me smile :)

Contact details: pullenma@aol.com


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