International Mosaic Exhibition 2012


Viki Russell

Artist Statement - Jellyfish

On a recent trip to an aquarium I was captivated by the tranquil flow of the jellyfish. The way they move so elegantly through the water I believe really encapsulates the theme of ebb and flow.

Contact Details : c/o opusmosaic


Jo Shepard

Artist Statement - Big Fat Red Low Slung Moon

Blatantly copied (with consent) from a piece by friend and fellow artist Kate Fensom.
The fish swish and swirl following the ebb & flow of the tides which are governed by the moon. Every good fisherman knows the best catches are at moonrise and moonset.
Glass on MDF.....the varying colours in the glass lend themselves to the ever changing tones in the sea and moon. Iridescent glass for the fish brings out the idea of shiny scales glistening in the moonlight.

Contact Details : jomosaics@googlemail.com


Sue Smith

Artist Statement - Mermaids Moon

The moon and sun that govern the ebb and flow of the sea’s tides may even have an effect on the mythical mermaid. Here she rises from the ocean with her shell offering to the moon. Not a man’s shoe!

My mosaic was inspired by Pattie Masterman’s poem, Mermaid’s Moon

Contact Details :susanjane.smith@btopenworld.com


Ali Soper

Artist Statement - Ebb & Flow

Nothing stays the same for ever. With age, we recognise and understand the Ebb & Flow of people, places and fortune throughout our lives.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by natural forces and the roles they play in shaping the landscape.

The freehand technique I use means that although highly repetitive in the use of the materials, no two pieces of work are exactly the same. I often use salvaged pieces of bone china, beads, sea glass, in fact anything which is a good texture & colour, which sits comfortably with the frugal and thrifty orgins of this art form of MOSAIC…

Contact details: alipally@btinternet.com


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