"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Pascal Levaillant

Pascal Levaillant
Work in progress

Artist Statement


My artistic style, which I would name “Pixel Art Mosaic” is close to Pixel Art, a form of art that was used in photography and in digital creations such as video games. It can be compared to pictorial structures and designs of painters such as Signac, Seurat, Monet, Klee, Mondrian, Dali, Vasarely, Yvaral, Miro. It is also linked to movements like Divisionism, Pointillism, Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract art, Op art.
Pixel Art Mosaic is no less than another contemporary form of the ancient Opus Regulatum. The technique consists in putting cut tesserae together, whether they are stuck and grouted or not, in order to make up a representation, an image like Calvino says in La Machine Littérature, 1984. To do so, I partially use computer tools.
After 20 years of pictorial practice, I’ve been producing works since 2006 in the mosaic, Pixel Art mosaic and mosaic on driftwood (sculptures) fields.

Commemorating Chagall is honoring his incomparable talent and vast number of artistic facets including painting, stained-glass window and mosaic.
I remember his 1974 mosaic sculptures (allegory) representing the four seasons, which can be seen in Chicago.
Since I didn’t want to reproduce and plagiarize one of his works or recurrent themes, I used Pixel Art Mosaic and his favorite colours to try to represent a photograph that - in my opinion - shows his artist interiority.

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Email: pascal.levaillant@sfr.fr


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