"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Carolyn King

Carolyn King
Flying Duck

Artist Statement

“Flying Duck - Chagall tended to fill his paintings with things he truly loved in a swirl and excitement of memory. Doves fly, women and flowers float, even a goat takes to the sky in the picture plane.

Supremely confident moods conflicted with periods of self doubt, about his work his place in society and his background. He often felt awkward in the presence of artists whose work he admired, like an ugly ducking!!
So I have replaced a beautiful creature with one which has more down to earth overtones, but still allowed it freedom to move.

The Cockerel - The emblem of France.
The country that Chagall so loved and wanted to be loved and feted by by its Paris establishment and where he eventually returned to create many of his best works.

Chagall and Picasso, so different and yet so alike. Prior to his return to Europe he felt always the shadow of Picasso who like Chagall was a foreigner although by now a celebrated fashionable and accepted wealthy foreigner...

Chagall in exile America suffered the loss of his beloved wife and muse and (organiser!)
He needed women to balance his life just like the king of the farm yard! and when things went well, he strutted!!

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