"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Corinne Betron

"Chapeau haut, Chapeau bas"
Top View
Corinne Betron

Artist Statement

““chapeau haut, Chapeau bas”

"Top Hat, Hat Low"  en français : "chapeau haut, Chapeau bas" In France there is a saying "hat low" and that means : congratulations. There is a “hat low” to Chagall and his work.
I had already long since the hard plastic cap and when I signed up to attend the exhibition, I immediately thought of hat ...
Then I decided to stage several elements of the paintings of Marc Chagall and behold, it was gone ....
The performance of the structure of women has not been easy because I had to make it rigid enough and  she had to adhere to the substrate.
Almost all characters are in relief
I do mosaic since 2002 and I must say that from my first project, I was hooked
I let my imagination go without coercion and without rules of what can be done or not.
I did not ask whether it is to mix a particular material, I do as I feel.
With my mosaic, I see life in color.
I am self-taught

Contact Details. corinne.betron@wanadoo.fr

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