"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Irit Levy

Irit Levy
Big Skies

Artist Statement

“Big Skies”

When I think about Chagall’s work I always think about floating happy images that ignore gravitation, along with soft lines and a lot of space, all feels like freedom.
Studying Chagall’s mosaic in Chicago (The Four Seasons) and in Nice (The Zodiac) I was drawn to the outlined figures. The background comes and goes into these figures as if they are transparent.
Having that in mind, I then created Big Skies based on my own art.
In the late 90’s I painted Flying – an acrylic painting in which the boat is gliding above the water, and recently in my mosaic works I am doing a series of big happy nude females.
Big Skies has now joined this joyful family.

Contact Details. 

E-mail: iritlevymail@gmail.com

Website: www.iritlevy.com

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