"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Julie Stedman

Julie Stedman
King Louis

Artist Statement

“King Louis”

I have enjoyed the works of Marc Chagall for over 20 years now and started this mosaic as a challenge to my mosaicing skills. I’ve always loved working with colours and different mediums and the challenge of using these mediums where you might not expect them is always fun.

This mosaic is taken from a snapshot area of Marc Chagall’s picture in pastels “Bonjour Paris, 1939 -1942”. The challenge was to look at the flexible nature of colours blended in pastels used by Marc Chagall and try and create a similar picture using the inflexible nature of mosaic, blending glass pieces.

This mosaic is still evolving.

Contact Details. 

E-mail: opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Website: www.opusmosaic.co.uk

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