"Spirit of Marc Chagall"

Mosaic Exhibition 2009

Katy Harrison

Katy Harrison
Working Drawing
Colour Drawing
A Pig's Tale

Artist Statement

“A pigs tale”

I decided to create A Pigs Tale based upon the same things that inspired Chagall, namely love, dreams, my hometown, animals and nature. Firstly, I researched his work and style extensively and then brainstormed a list of ideas that were both important to me and that I felt would lend themselves to being interpreted in his style for the mosaic. From this initial list, I selected those I wanted to include in the final design which is made from vitreous and silver backed glass tiles. In the finished piece, the bold lines, overlapping designs and topsy turvy images may look nonsensical and maybe a little crazy, but each element tells a story. To help throw some light on it, allow me to explain. (Full details of each can be found in my associated source book)

The Pig with Oak Leaves, Acorn, the angel with butterfly wings and the Bell Tower – represents the legend of how my local town of Evesham came to get it’s name and a Monastery. The Pigs tail scrolling around the piece surrounded by flowers - symbolises the blossom trail, something Evesham is famous for.
The fish with the key hidden inside – signifies another local legend of St Egwin who was released from his chains of sin by the finding of the key in the fish’s belly. The horseshoe shaped River Avon – shows how the river meanders around the town with it’s two access bridges and abundance of fish. The fruit trees and asparagus – represents the Vale of Evesham being known as the garden of England due to its fertile soils and renowned Asparagus. The two lovers - The females flowing locks has diamonds cascading within them representing a dream my husband once had about me which I thought was very romantic.

I feel that Chagall had a sense of humour with his art which marries well with my quirky style. Colour was extremely important in the piece and of course I’ve used an abundance of blue which was Chagall’s favorite colour. I hope that the influence of Marc Chagall is obvious for all to see in this piece and shows the personal joy I have gained from designing and making this mosaic.

Contact Details: Email: katy.lewis@btinternet.com

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