Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Claire Aldrich

Artist Statement - BlueBell Wood

This mosaic is inspired by memory, a bike ride at Woodbury common when all the Bluebells were out. I wanted to create something so fleeting into something permanent.

Contact Details : c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com


Fiona Austin

Artist Statement - Night Hunter.

As the Owl swoops down to land on the tree stump, the surrounding tesserae are laid to show the movement  through the sky and down to his perching Place, where he will wait for “ supper ! “ I set the wispy clouds surrounding the moon, in contrast, as to the stillness of the night.


Artist Statement - Forest Floor

Shafts of sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees to the undergrowth, was my inspiration for this picture. and I decided to use multi textures to depict the leaf litter and mosses that made up the ground level, the ferns are splashed with gold to show the sun dancing on the foliage.

Contact Details: fiona.creativejunkie@gmail.com

Jane Baker * Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Toucans

The Year of the Forest gave me plenty of scope to mosaic a range of topics.  I love working with colours so I chose  these Two Toucans  to mosaic as they are such vibrant and exotic Birds - ideal subjects to be made up in stained glass.  Cutting the  pieces as large as possible  shows the wonderful textures and colours in the glass.  And  I decided to mount the design on clear glass as this  also allows light to pass through and enhanced the picture.

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Janette Black

Artist Statement - Red Forest

I have always felt that the Silver Birch tree is seen at its best during the Winter months. Throughout my mosaic I  wanted to create a magical Winter scene highlighted by the distinctive white peeling bark of these attractive trees against the snow covered ground.  To contrast this I have created a backdrop of a red evening sky populated with silver stars.

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Belinda Broadley

Artist Statement - Life in the Trees

Life in the trees encompasses every memory and experience of wonderful trips to the woods, excited and child like examining the delicate intricacy of its flora and fauna, the forest dominating, wild, beautiful and ever-changing.
The piece displays the seasons change and the simple beauty of the bark on a tree and all that lives within it. Making the work itself a potential home for the forest creatures. With this, the materials needed to look natural, less ordered embracing textures and colours that would make it more emotive. The piece was designed by myself in wood, varnished and covered top to bottom in mosaics. Recycled broken crockery, chosen for their colour, pattern, texture or shape and marrying them up with vitreous glass, iridescent, glass beads, marbles and Italian smalti.

Contact Details: belindabroadley@yahoo.co.uk

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