Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Polly Brown * Magic - Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Seasons & Magic

My Artwork is a celebration of colour inspired by Gustav Klimt, Morocco and my own garden. The materials used are Ceramic tiles, Porcelain, Beads, Clay and recycled materials. My aim was to use as many recycled materials as possible to produce a natural image.


Summer - Summer Night (SOLD) - Autumn - Winter

Contact Details: polly.jubbly.brown@googlemail.com

Lorraine Cave

Artist Statement - Phloem and Xylem

I feel a great affinity with trees.  The exhibition theme encouraged me to investigate this feeling and I discovered that there is an analogy between the vascular system of plants and that of humans.  Similar to our veins and arteries, trees have phloem (to transport sap and sugar) and xylem (to circulate water and minerals).  Theologically speaking, humans are microcosms of creation; we encapsulate the structure, elements and qualities of the macrocosm.  My piece was inspired by these discoveries and by the patterns I saw in the stained cytology slides of Corylus avellana (Common Hazel). tiny seed beads made perfect fish scales and falling salt grains.

Contact Details: lorrainecave@yahoo.com

Alison Chisholm

Artist Statement - A Winter walk in the Forest

Living in Dorset, I’ve often enjoyed an exhilarating winter walk in the countryside. It’s a wonderfully peaceful feeling, to walk rhythmically, steadily, amongst trees that are familiar & always the same, which seem to continue on & on as far as the eye can see. I used the repetitive pattern in the trees to convey the feeling of sanctuary in our unsecure modern world. I search through a stained glass artist’s shed full of leftover cullet till I found as many colourful pieces as I needed.

Contact Details: adandali@gmail.com

Kareen Collie

Artist Statement - Falling Leaves

These large maple type leaves are actual size. I picked them up when walking by the Nantes-Brest canal in central Brittany. This tree lined canal is one of the most peaceful , tranquil places I know.
I was inspired by the beauty, colour and symmetry of the leaves but I wanted to represent them in a natural and asymmetrical way and to give the impression of their graceful falling from the sky by setting them against a simple blue background.
I used unglazed ceramic and glass tesserae

Contact Details: kareencollie@yahoo.com

Rachel Cooke

Artist Statement - Rising

As a keen environmentalist I was intrigued by the ‘Forest’ theme and made this piece in response. Ceramic tile with found material, sea washed coal and reclaimed maple frame.

Contact Details: rachel_cooke@hotmail.com

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