Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Chris Crepet * Winner - Best in Show *

Artist Statement - L'arbre aux Oiseaux

I was born in an alpine village surrounded by high peaks, cliffs, rivers, stones and forest. In seeking my way in art, nature is always my reference. Trees have left a very strong impression on me with their varied, elegant shapes and their internal reserve of life. Like human beings, they are able to adapt to many extreme conditions.
I'm particularly sensitive to the sounds and movements produced by the forest and its inhabitants. For me a forest is always associated with birds. In a forest trees and birds live in perfect symbiosis.
This is the idea I want to express in this piece of work.

Contact Details: chris.crepet@free.fr

Rachel Fell

Artist Statement - Fruits of the Forest

‘Forest gardening’, and the forest as source of food and shelter, is what inspired this mosaic. Whilst making this I was thinking about how the nourishing of the roots, even though hidden underground, are equally as important as the branches growing outwards into the world; that is why I made the size of the roots mimicking the height of the branches. I chose green and plain glass around the higher branches to represent dappled forest sunlight.

Contact Details: rachelfell@hotmail.com

Alison Finch

Artist Statement - Birdsong

I lived in Epping Forest for 28 years before moving to the Isle of Wight, and one of the things I missed was the sound of birds first thing in the morning just as the sun was rising, continuing well until full light.  The jumble of sound and silence is represented here.


Artist Statement - Spirit of the Oak in Autumn

There is an oak tree beyond the fence at the bottom of my garden - a reminder of the large population of oak trees to be found in forested areas of the British Isles.  The rich colours are emblematic of autumn and I hoped to capture something of their beauty in this mosaic

Contact Details: c/o Opus Mosaic

Debbie Firer

Artist Statement - Tree of Life

These works incorporate the theme of the Tree of Life, a Kabbalist symbol representing  the map of the human psyche, the subconscious and the higher self as well as the workings of creation. Two of the sefirot or spheres appear in the works - the first Keter or crown is a male energy and the last Malchut or nobility is a female energy. The building or temple is allegorical for the physical, emotional and spiritual self. The roof depicts a crown symbol. In the small mosaic, the structure of the building replicates the breastplate worn by the high priest or Kohain of the ancient Judaic Temple. The twelve sections are made up of 12 gemstones or the 12 twelve tribes of Israel.

Contact Details: firer@global.co.za

Sylvie Foisel * First Runner Up - Best in Show *

Artist Statement - Amazing Nature

Surprisingly, this piece is an image of a tropical tree 's bark ! To be precise, an Eucalyptus Deglupta also named Eucalyptus « Arc-en-ciel » (Rainbow Eucalyptus), a marvelous tree which lives in Indonesia and New Guinea. Along his life, this Eucalyptus losts his bark by colored little pieces to show another ones like a living painting constantly in evolution. Made of Venetian smalti and Opio tiles..

Contact Details: sylvie.foisel@gmail.com

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