Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Jenny Foxworthy

Artist Statement - Heligan Giant

"My inspiration for this mosaic was following a visit to the woodland walk at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Pentewan, Cornwall.  The Giant's Head is one of three "woodland sculptures" which I understand was made using a root ball of a huge tree.  This is my interpretation!

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Rachel Frickwieler

Artist Statement - Tree

‘From fungi and insects to bats and birds, trees support a wide range of wildlife. There are root-inhabiting organisms, communities associated with decaying wood and fallen leaves, and those living on the surface of the bark. Many animals feed on the pollen, nectar, fruit, seeds and foliage of trees and the wildlife interest increases as a tree ages. As an ecologist, I often find myself in British woodlands for both work and for pleasure – inspiring this mosaic made using a mix of glazed and matt ceramic and glass tiles.

Contact Details: rachaelfickweiler@hotmail.com

Pam Fuller

Artist Statement - The View

“Stunning views” my friend said, “Ohh and bring your camera”.

I am continually looking for the next photograph for the next mosaic,. Always looking for inspiration. The forest we visited felt enigmatic and full of light and shade. I have used flowing wispy glass for the main trees and the ever-changing grey sky. For the forest I wanted a more textured denser effect with a contrast of colour and used plain or marbled tiles. We never did get to see “the view”, but I do have a permanent wonderful reminder of two friends walking through the forest enjoying the surroundings.

Contact Details: Kev8Pam@aol.com

Katy Galbraith * Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Gingerbread House

Stimulated by a local sweet shop’s window display, which featured a large Gingerbread House, I felt that I had to do it in mosaic!  Whilst the story of Hansel & Gretel is a sinister one, as are most fairy tales, I wanted to make this image a light hearted one, which stimulates smiles rather than scared faces. 

The materials used are primarily recycled, including a large quantity of wine bottle glass waste from the local Caithness Paperweight factory and from a local fused glass artist; ceramic dishes & glass vases, beads and vintage tiles and is made onto a reclaimed kitchen unit.  It even includes a pink nugget bought from Opus Mosaic’s shop a few years ago.

Contact Details: katy@galvelmore.co.uk

Jody Giesser * Winner - Best New Mosaic Artist/ First Exhibition *

Artist Statement - Friend or Foe

The forest evokes images of danger and beauty. Likewise, the forest’s most powerful inhabitant, the wolf, epitomizes both danger and beauty, which is why I chose to make a wolf portrait.

I used millifiore, marble and stained glass to make “Friend or Foe.” I like to work with millifiore each individual piece is a work of art in its own right, and massed together they convey power and texture.

Contact Details: twoalces@yahoo.com

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