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International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Alex Glendinning

Artist Statement - In to the Trees

I was inspired by a photograph in a magazine of an autumnal wood scene and together with my appreciation of the work of the artist Gustav Klimt, I wanted to create a mosaic incorporating this style. I tried to achieve this using metallic glass tiles for the trees and by making the design quite dark and gothic.

Contact Details: alexglendinning@lineone.net

Becca Harris

Artist Statement - Wish Tree , SOF, Life (SOLD) & Secrets

In the winter of 2010 the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury was vandalized, this left many pilgrims distraught as it was an important tree to Christianity. Many people made a pilgrimage to the tree- they prayed, gave offerings and tied ribbons around the tree to give positive spiritual energy. When all was thought to be lost this spring new buds appeared on the tree giving hope to many. Wish trees are found all over the world in different cultures they give hope and bring people together in troubled times.

This piece was inspired by the biblical story 'Noah and the Ark' in the story the dove returned to Noah with an Olive branch showing the the flood waters were receding giving hope in troubled times. The dove in my piece has the message S.O.F it is asking us to act now before it's too late.

The inspiration for this piece was simply that trees are life. Trees regenerate the air that we breathe, they give food, energy and shelter to wildlife and people. Trees are at the living heart of everything. 

This piece was inspired by The Woodland Trust and their campaign Save Ancients Forest For Everyone. This campaign is so important as we are slowly losing our heritage, in the UK some of our trees are the oldest in Europe and need protection now! I wrote a message in my piece which I feel represents this, it reads: 'A thousand secrets are held within the pillars of today.' Some of our oldest trees are thousands of years old and have been documented throughout history they hold the secrets to our past, present and future.

Contact Details: beccaharris@hotmail.co.uk

Kate Harris

Artist Statement - Snap shot in time - a group

The main source of inspiration for these Pieces came from Nature, not only from trees and forests, but also in the way the seasons, the weather, night and day, sun and moon play a part in making a landscape. In creating these 4 mosaics I aimed to replicate the same view but in very different ways. Using ceramic tiles and bold use of colour and texture I tried to interpret the mood of the moment and illustrate in each view a ‘snapshot’ in time

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Katy Harrison

Artist Statement - Monkey Puzzle

I’ve always been fascinated by the human like qualities of primates and am increasingly concerned about their continued existence in their natural habitat. This vitreous glass tile mosaic pictures three cheeky monkeys swinging through the trees of their ever reducing tropical rain forest, primarily as a result of encroachment along forest fringes, indiscriminate logging and hunting of them for food.


Artist Statement - Tea for Three

This piece was inspired by my own personal experience when I recently witnessed an Owl catch a mouse in my garden. Most Owls make their homes in trees and get all the food they need from Woodlands, preferring a diet of mice. This mosaic is made of vitreous glass tiles and depicts three Owls perched in a tree waiting for the poor unsuspecting mouse to emerge. Eeek!

Contact Details: katy.lewis@btinternet.com

Karen Heinrich * Winner - Public Vote *

Artist Statement - Gone with the Wind

This mosaic work « Gone with the Wind » shows the mediterranean forest with pine trees on the seafront. In addition to the sun in a pure blue sky , the wind is blowing through the branches in a typical noise and releasing wonderful pine smells. It illustrates the benefits of the pines in Provence providing shadows, coolness and therefore the benefits of forests and nature for the human mankind. It is made of enamels of Briare and  pieces of glass. The cutting of tesserae's reinforces the dynamic movement due to the provencal wind  « The Mistral » and is inspired by an impressionist touch as “Van Gogh “ who painted beautifully the region.

Contact Details: karine.heinrich@laposte.net

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