Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Anne Holdway

Artist Statement - Autumn Birch Trees

I gain a lot of pleasure out of painting tree trunks, inspired by the range of colours one can find in these works of nature.  This is my more subdued interpretation of silver birches in mosaic using ceramic tiles and stained glass .

Contact Details: ann.holdway@talktalk.net

Debbie Howard

Artist Statement - Tree Frog & Tree of Life

Tree Frog and the Tree of Life are one as a powerful symbol of the interdependence of all things. Forests are an essential life giving force for the planet, without which we would not survive. Mosaic frog sculpture with stained glass, hand-made ceramic decorations and glass beads. Suitable for outdoor use but not guaranteed frost proof.

Trees have always been wise and caring guardians for me and these pieces reflect the supportive and nurturing role they play in our lives and that of the planet. Like yin and yang they have a dual nature from day to night - complementary opposites creating harmony in the world.
Mosaic wall plaques with stained glass, hand-made fused glass decorations and beads.

Contact Details: debbie@fyfield.uk.net

Angela Ibbs * Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Once upon a Time

Inspired by a scene from the classic forest fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. This wall piece shows the start of her journey into the forest as the wolf watches. Materials include unglazed ceramic, glass tiles, and millefiori and recycled pottery.


Artist Statement - Le Stagioni (SOLD)

Inspired by the ever changing times of the year and nature. The tree is often use as a symbol of life and the ages. This centre piece has a musical movement playing Clair de Lune. Materials include unglazed ceramic, glass tiles, and millefiori.

Contact Details: angie29771@toucansurf.com

Illya lliev

Artist Statement - Stop

Stop to ruin the NATURE/ Materials:stone,zmalty,glass

Contact Details: ilievi_art@mail.bg

Carolyn King

Artist Statement - Food for Thought"

I am concerned about the demise of the Bee and its implication for the planet; just like the standards we live by; both seem to be slowly and firmly eroded by our conscious and subconscious  behaviour. 
I see the two closely linked small deeds and actions act as catalysts to greater events, both good and bad, just like a small insect making inroads in huge forests, bringing life to the darkness within."

Contact Details: p.clayton877@btinternet.com

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