Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Jean Kinloch

Artist Statement - Forest Collection

I was inspired to make these mosaics for the International Year of the Forest by the rich greens of the stained glass and smalti which I have used vertically to suggest the depths of the trees and forest. I have included millifiori flowers, eucalyptus cups and snail and sea shells to incorporate an idea of the variation and richness of the vegetation and life amongst the trees.

Contact Details: jean.kinloch@btinternet.com

Britta Kuth

Artist Statement - "Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky..." 1926

My mosaic „Trees are poems“ is inspired by the poem of Halil Gibran.
What interests me about making mosaics is the material – when I can turn this hard medium into a flowing line to grasp the haptic moment.
This mosaic shall be a tribute to life, display its diversity, beauty and show the poetic aspect of life.

Contact Details: info@mosaikstudio.de

Rosie Laker

Artist Statement - Forest Kaleidoscope

Attracted by the circular, 'kaleidoscopic effect' of looking up to the sky in the heart of a forest and embracing the international theme I aim to show that what you see above can be revealed by looking below - wherever you are standing on our globe.

Contact Details: rlaker@toucansurf.com

Isabel Le Flem * Second Runner Up - New Mosaic Artist / First Exhibition*

Artist Statement - Latido de Corazon

Cocoa seed, coconut, roman mosaics and Albertini glasses
I definitively wanted to use some vegetable maters for this mosaic, as I already did for “El improbable bosque (The improbable forest). I was inspired by the Spanish writer Elena Quiroga’s book : “La sangre” (The blood).
The main character is a tree, witness of a whole family story and wich survives through the centuries.

The forest is called the lung of the planet. Let’s leave its heart beating!

Contact Details: isabel.leflem@gmail.com

Pascal Levaillant

Artist Statement - La Mosaique de la Foret de Brotonne

I am concerned about the demise of the Bee and its implication for the planet; just like the standards we live by; both seem to be slowly and firmly eroded by our conscious and subconscious  behaviour. 
I see the two closely linked small deeds and actions act as catalysts to greater events, both good and bad, just like a small insect making inroads in huge forests, bringing life to the darkness within."

Contact Details: pascal.levaillant@sfr.fr

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