Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Rachel Waddington * Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Koru

The native forest of New Zealand are richly abundant in flora and fauna, including an amazing diversity of tree ferns, often called ponga. The New Zealand silver fern is well known as new New Zealand emblem. The Koru (Maori for loop) is a spiral shape based on the unfurling of a silver fern frond. It Symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace and is integral symbol in Maori art. The circular shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coils suggest a return to the point of origin. I have created my Koru in glass, Millifiori, paua shell and found objects

Contact Details: randjwaddington@btinternet.com

Mel Watts

Artist Statement - Autumn Breeze & Beautiful Autumn

IThe background moves in a variety of directions – portrayed in the multidirectional tesserae.
The beautiful leaves are scattered through the air, falling. Autumn colours are my favourite !
I have used a variety of hand cut stained glasses for the leaves, to capture the radiance autumn, and added scattered and random pieces of millefiori to enhance the ‘falling’ feel that is shown in this mosaic, so typical to that seen in nature.
Greens, browns, yellows…this mosaic depicts the start of Autumn. A variety of beautiful materials is used to capture autumns essence. 

Contact Details: melcokayne@hotmail.com

Anu Partanen Wells

Artist Statement - Summer & Autumn Betula Pendula

My favourite type of forest would be full of birch trees (Betula Pendula in latin). It is my love of these trees in different seasons that inspired me to make these complimenting pieces - Summer and Autumn. "

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Janine Wardle

Artist Statement - Tree

I made this mosaic as apple trees remind me of the lovely apples from the trees at the edge of the wood near where I lived

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Frances Whittaker

Artist Statement - Autumnal Reflection Rainbow, Sunrise over Woodland & Woodland Pond Monet-ish

Autumnal reflection rainbow – This was inspired by a wonderful early autumn walk around the lovely gardens at Stourhead. The sun was shining on the trees at the height of their full autumn colour and off the perfectly still water of the lake. A truly uplifting moment! This mosaic is made half with traditional glass tiles (in an opus palladianum ‘crazy paving’ style) and half with stained glass for the reflection. This has been applied to mirror to enhance the effect of the stained glass.

Sunrise over woodland – Inspired by the sunrise in front of my house with its wonderfully big sky and green fields and woodlands. The colour of the sky is ever-changing and always fascinates me. I have tried to capture this in the mosaic as it changes when viewed from different angles. This is made with stained glass strips on to mirror.

Woodland pond Monet-ish – Monet has always been a love of mine and looking through a book I was inspired to try a re-interpretation of a small part of the lily-pond paintings with reference to the woodland theme. I used the stained glass on mirror to create the watery reflective effect.

Contact Details: f.a.whittaker@bath.ac.uk

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