Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Diana Storey * Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Two Birds in a Pear Tree

"Two birds in a Pear Tree". Inspired by an Angela Carter Fairytale

Contact Details: dianajstorey@hotmail.com

Marlene Touka * First Runner Up - New Mosaic Artist / First exhibition *

Artist Statement - Et s'iln'en restait qu'un

I am a city girl but I am still amazed by the beauty of nature.
For this creation I closed my eyes and came to my mind my drawings of tree when I was a child.
Initially I wanted to put it behind a fence as the last species to be protected but how imprison all those colors? I hope that the madness of men will not lead us to that end.
Save the forest to save ourselves !

Contact Details: marlou@bidule-mosaique.com

Susan Van Blanken

Artist Statement - Mari no 3

The hub cap comes from my own VW Beetle and no.1 was made for the Landfill Art Project involving 1041 artists worldwide and to raise awareness about all the rubbish we produce at an ever increasingly alarming rate.
Forest fires have plagued Greece, destroying the most beautiful areas. They are caused by people, either deliberately, for personal gain or by those who consider forest areas as unofficial rubbish dumps. The forests that surrounded Athens were full of broken cement, furniture, glass…..anything one could imagine but would not expect to find. Glass, a bed of pine needles, 40 degree heat: all ingredients for a forest fire.
In Greece, in every house hangs a ‘mati’ ( Greek for ‘eye’), protecting it and as it hangs it watches….protecting ourselves from our own worst enemy: ourselves.
My ‘Mati’ symbolises the recycling of what we discard , that is destroying us into something that protects us. I would like to place a ‘Mati’ all over the remaining forests of Greece….and those in Sumatra and South America, to.
It is disturbing to feel one is being watched. Especially by an artwork which itself should be the subject of such critical examination.
I would recommend ‘Mati” to be the environmentally friendly alternative to CCTV . Less intrusive but maybe more effective…..?

Contact Details: evanblanken@hotmail.com

Janet Ventre

Artist Statement - Once upon a time in a forest far far away ....

For me the forest theme took me back to my childhood and the fairy tales we all loved. Forests are lush and full of life; offering excitement and adventure to everyone who enters. However, forests can also be frightening places and strange things can happen there, as like the characters of the storybooks, we go deeper and deeper into the darkness...' 

Contact Details: janetventre@sky.com

Jan Waddington

Artist Statement - Forest Samara

The forest is a constant but ever changing miracle. Use, regeneration, and further growth are part of its magic.
 I represent this by the creation of something new from old pieces, bottles, cups, tiles, pans and jewellery.
 The circle represents the continuous cycle

Contact Details: randjwaddington@btinternet.com

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