Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Kate Rattray * Forest Light - Highly Commended *

Artist Statement - Morning Haze & Forest Light Both SOLD

I wanted to capture the first light as it shines through the trees in the simplest way.

Plus Becoming, Presence, Flight & Home Coming

Contact Details: kate@rattraymosaics.co.uk

Viki Russell

Artist Statement - Night Owl

Often heard but rarely seen, the owl is one of the forest's most elusive inhabitants. I chose this majestic creature for my piece because I believe it reflects the more secretive and tranquil aspects of the forest.

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Jo Shepard

Artist Statement - A Lizard for Lisa & Snake

Dedicated to a friend who lost her battle with cancer recently.
Geckos are considered to be a sign of good luck – a symbol of keeping one eye on the past while focusing the other on the future. The release and regeneration of the tail is representative of the self preservation and re-growth people go through after trials. It is said they use their “voice” to warn of the presence of poisonous snakes..............the snake mosaic is borrowed (from the book Creative Garden Mosaics by Jill MacKay) – the stones came from a walk on Bridlington beach with my friend Lisa.

Contact Details: opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Ali Soper

Artist Statement - My West Dean Tree

I sat on a bench at West Dean College last year and thought "what am i going to mosaic ?"  Looking out at the great landscape and beautiful old trees that have been around for so long in the park land.  The texture of the bark and the shape of the branches with the movement of the leaves giving shade and interest were magical and the seed was sewn for my next project and here it is, My West Dean Tree.

Contact Details: alipally@btinternet.com

Julie Stedman

Artist Statement - Woven in the Fabric

Trees have always been a passion in my life so this theme really appealed to me. I started this mosaic back in July 2010 and it has grown with me over that year. I wanted to incorporate my new medium of Glass Fusion with my usual art form of Mosaic.
Woven in the fabric comes from an idea that trees in our forests wherever in the world we live are totally woven into the fabric of our lives, we would not be here without them on so many levels not just the air that we breath.

This mosaic has grown and been added to over this period with a feeling in me that has evolved as have added ideas to it. The snake and the apple are religious symbols make of them what you will. The white bird is a symbol for peace. The smaller animals are for fun but are around us all the time if only we took the time to notice. The tree is part of the fabric that holds us all together.

Contact Details: opusmosaic@btconnect.com

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