Year of the Forest

International Mosaic Exhibition 2011 - Exhibitors

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Graham Norwood

Artist Statement - Roots of Life

I've attempted to create an apocalyptic scene above ground with vivid symbols of life below, where there is glistening and 'alive' soil complete with DNA running through its roots.
This piece expresses a simple message - that no matter how bleak and barren a landscape may be, the earth below has the energy to renew life.

Contact Details: c/o opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Concetta Perot

Artist Statement - Curly Tree

I create mosaics in my garden shed which overlooks an old coal slag heap that has been reclaimed by trees and now looks beautiful. This inspired me to try and capture the diversity colour and texture of these trees in my mosaic by using broken china, beads and glass off cuts
I was influenced by Hudertwasser in my design I love the quirky shapes and lines in his paintings and buildings.

Contact Details: glitteringshards@gmail.com

Nikki Petch

Artist Statement - Fairy One & Tree of Life

Called..Fairies in from the lake district. My childhood was spent roaming many woods and enjoying the imagination of perhaps fairies being there. This was my inspiration for this piece. Materials used = I used stained glass for all of this piece,Mainly because i wanted to keep an unbroken curve for the trees.

Some of my past was about coming through depression and recovering from mental illness. i am drawn to trees because they represent freedom to me.I love anything to do with the tree of life .my inspiration for this piece is trees and other pictures of trees.

Contact Details: janepetch@btinternet.com

Nicole Provost

Artist Statement - Foliages

It's a mosaic with marble, glass smalti and pieces of tree-bark joined with mortar I have taken tree-park during walking in "FOREST OF BROTONNE" (Normandy near Seine' river,Rouen France). I like very much Forest since very young for it's mystery atmosphere, noises, scents and wonderful colors on each season.

Contact Details: g.harlay@orange.fr

Michael Pullen

Artist Statement - Orchids

Orchids are found throughout the country, from coastal shores to alpine herb fields. Many species favour soils of low fertility, and poorly drained sites. Common habitats are mature forest, open scrublands and swamps.

Contact Details: pullenma@aol.com

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